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A tournament,  originally established by the 1st Earl of Flavourtown, that has been around longer than the FA Cup . Charterhouse School was the first team to win the prestigious invitational Flavourtown Cup in 1871.


Kick Off  @ 10 am (players, please arrive early. There will be breakfast served from 9am for all you pie merchants).

7-a-side (fixed goalkeeper) with teams allowed to bring a total of 10 players maximum (rolling subs).


There will be a total of 8 teams and we will play in 2 groups of 4 teams.
Each game will be 20 minutes long and each team will play the three other teams in their respective groups (3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss).
Once each team has played their 3 group stage matches the knock out phase will begin where the first placed team in group 1 will play the last placed team in group 2 and so on. 
The semi final, and final will be 30 minutes long. 
We hope to conclude the tournament by 1730 when we will hold the auction and prize giving.
We will have FA qualified refs for all you Sunday leaguers out there. You know who you are.

The Captians


Dimitri Chandris

Greek, or so he claims (not according to 21 and Me). His skills lie in his demon speed and  ability to make intelligent runs off the ball.   The great Greek footballer, Giorgos  Karagounis, once said that if Dimitri wasn't such an academic (1st class degree from Oxford in Classics) , he could have gone on to captain the Greek national side. 

Felix Winkler

Is he French, is he Belgian? The jury is still out on this one.  More into kite surfing than football but his  team will come correct. Some will be French, some will be Belgian. 

Hoss Faridany

Some call him the Persian Samurai, or just Hussein. Big frame, enviable beard, decent feet and a few soccer merchants in his Nutri-Bullet.

Charles Forte

Played Chelsea U19s until he tore his ACL, ending his career early. Gianfranco Zola once touted him to be the next Matt Le Tissier. Will be bringing the noise Charterhouse style.  It is widely accepted that his smile and barnet are top 10 in London.

Jamie Reuben

You  know when you've been Reubened.

David Ross

Some say the "Big Boy" Steam train was modeled after him, and he wasn't even born yet.

Phil Sachs

Phil represented Germany at U12 level in Rhythmic Gymnastics. He was a magician with the satin ribbon before deciding to focus on the world of finance where he has steadily risen in rank.  A dedicated skier and amateur doubles luge enthusiast, you shouldn't discount Phil "The Power" Sachs and his crack team of Europe's finest. 

Carlo Clavarino

CEO for Aon Italy, Carlo ConClav Clavarino doesn't mess around.